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Hello and welcome ! Purpose and mission of this site is to build, test and present most powerfull pc setups that where available to buy since the first consumer personal computer hit the market.

Retro builds section consider computers older than 10 years.

Modern builds consist all the stuff younger than 10 years of age.

Solo parts section will describe only cpus, gpus and other hardware alone.

Technology category will try to explain some of the basics which are required to build a powerful PC.

Latest Articles

Single PCB SLI is always welcomed

That was a quick deal, most of my basic principals for collecting were met. Asus product, good shape, rare and […]

Filling the gap

Another occasion arised from the depths of the Internet. Very special board, first from the generation that started the division […]

Intel on a Rampage

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Socket 478 starter pack

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Final strike !

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478 pins revolution

Period starting from 2001 and lasting through two following years brought Pentium 4 lineup up to speed. Very cold welcomed […]

Titanium strength

After completing the GeForce 3 lineup I naturally started to search for the successors. As we all know GeForce 4 […]

New, old stock

While looking for the perfect base of a ProRetroPC model from year 1999 I`ve came across and considered a few […]

To box, or not to box ?

This is the question 🙂 Please let me introduce to you, my brand new full-box sets of Asus GPU`s. One […]