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Stars of the Intels sixth-generation

I`ve “theoretically” completed collecting Pentium III processors πŸ™‚ Big gap in my collection was the Slot1 superstar with 512kb of L2 cache and 133 MHz FSB from Katmai family. Intel Pentium III 600B came to me directly from United States, and completed my must-have list.

I already have the Pentium III 600 with 100 MHz FSB, but 600B was the most powerful cpu from year 1999. I`ve said theoretically, because P6 family also consists the Pentium Pro cpus, furthermore there are few Coppermine models with different socket types but the same chip installed. Also i need to acquire the 1133 MHz cpus from Coppermine architecture but they are really hard to find.. πŸ™

Since we focus purely on the Pentium III generation right now, please take a look on a quick comparison of my cpus:

CPU core Katmai Coppermine Coppermine-T Tualatin
Name Pentium III 600B Pentium III 1000EB Pentium III 1000 Pentium III 1400S
Fab process 250nm 180nm 180nm 130nm
L2 Cache 512 kb 256 kb 256 kb 512 kb
CPU Speed 600 MHz 1000 MHz 1000 MHz 1400 MHz
FSB Speed 133 MHz 133 MHz 133 MHz 133 MHz

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