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Benchmark Saturday

I was able to get my hands on some new gpus, there are few quite interesting items such as GTX 295 and a (finally!) GeForce 8800 Ultra. The main goal was to complete the Tesla Architecture family and I almost did it. Starting to work on an article about this fundamental breakthrough in Nvidia cards.

I`ve also bought famous, first dual chip Nvidia card – the GeForce 7900GX2 or DUO. I knew form the start that it`s a broken card, but I still got it because it was never officially available for sale. It`s also famous for its length, 305mm is very impressive but can be a challenge to fit into PC case easily. Of course, in a free time I will try to revive it. On the left you can see the production model – the GeForce 7950GX2 from EVGA. Fortunately alive and kicking 🙂

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