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A little bit of luck

Few months earlier I`ve bought theoretically broken Asus motherboard.  I was interested in it, because the offer featured mobo with the full set of accessories and an original box. But that`s not all, the main reason was that Asus P5N32-SLI is equipped with the last and most powerful nForce 4 chipset, the nForce 4 SLI X16 Intel edition with dual 16 pci express lanes setup for proper SLI performance.

I finally found a moment to get a closer look at the board. Since it`s the Socket T (popular s775) board, but from 2004/2005 it could be tested with some of the latest Core2 cpu due to physical compatibility. It could result in a boot error or look like a failed board. I`ve decided to do a full reset of the board, replaced the battery and run it with the components form the era. I`ve might overdone it a little bit 🙂 Pentium 4F 670 (Prescott-2M), 533 MHz DDR2 and an Asus GeForce 7800 GTX should match perfectly as the performance equipment from that period. I`ve also prepared an original Asus boot-up POST card for PCI slot to get information needed to properly diagnose the motherboard.

To my surprise, board did boot and worked without lags or other problems 🙂 The ultimate setup for year 2005/2006 is slowly arising. I think that eventually it will be paired up with an Extreme Edition Pentium cpu and a Quad SLI setup but I will not reveal more details right now 😉 All I can say, stay tuned – it will be ProRetro 😀

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