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New benchmark base – RoG is here !

New quality came under my roof. It was THAT kind of occasion, full and complete set of Asus Republic of Gamers Striker II Extreme. My previous benchmark base (EVGA nForce 780i SLI) was very good when it comes to performance but it was lacking two things – 1600 MHz FSB and a DDR3 support. With this new mobo including an nForce 790i Ultra northbridge I can finally power up my Intel QX9770 !! 🙂 Set is in a very good condition and comes with bunch of nice goodies. Here are some beauty shots :

I`ve also managed to acquire best possible ram for this base – Corsair Dominator GT with 2000MHz speed which is an official top supported value for nForce 790i chipset, and it comes with a cooler 🙂

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