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Happy New Year 2018

First of all I would like to wish all of you Merry Christmas ! May the Vdrop be minimal, low ping, high and stable fps, may the pumps be quiet and cpu and gpu temps as low as possible šŸ˜€

Since it`s almost the start of the new year, I`ve made some changes to the site. First of all I`ve drafted all the unfinished articles so the site might seem a little bit empty but worry not – content is coming ! šŸ™‚ I`ve transformed the Articles section to the News section. From now on it will hold not only information about new articles, but also some important facts for the PC enthusiasts and new steps in expanding my components collection.

Last couple of months were very busy for me. I did not add new content, but I was working hard in a field of acquiring new items, yay ! šŸ™‚ I`ve made some investments in foto equipment to provide you some semi-pro images of a full-pro gear. First Retro Build is coming with a large article (believe me – it will be a blast), and I came up with some pretty neat ideas that make reading more interesting šŸ™‚ All this is coming soon in 2018.

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