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To box, or not to box ?

This is the question 🙂 Please let me introduce to you, my brand new full-box sets of Asus GPU`s. One of them is awaited for the very long time TNT2 in Ultra specification.

It requires a little care, but general condition is satisfactory. It is also a Deluxe version, so it couldn`t get any better than that. This is how the full set looks like.

Thanks to this card, and my “new” CRT monitor with 120Hz refresh rate I could finally test the Asus VR option. Oculus my ass 😀 You could already dive into virtual reality almost 20 years ago. The effect is quite amazing, but not perfect. If you happened to use Nvidia 3d Vision shutter glasses for example, problems with picture quality are very similar. This is how the card looks on a close up shot.

Second card is GeForce 3 also in Deluxe version. I already have an NV20 card form Asus but only in Pure version.

This time, the condition of the card is perfect. It looks like never used, so does the box. GeForce 3 bundle is also much more extended compared to NV5 card.

Take a look at this mint condition graphics card in the highest spec available.

As an addition to those extraordinary findings, I`ve came across this brand new CD-S520/A5 CD-ROM – form ASUS of course 😉

This is how my test/benchmark station looks like, with an old and enormous CRT monitor. Boy, we`ve traveled a long way since then. Imagine you have to use one nowadays.

Slowly my ProRetroPC from year 2001 is getting on it`s feet. Right now I`m waiting for recently purchased V8200T5 to complete the build 🙂

Above you can see a fast test of a second GeForce DDR in my collection, it will soon be replaced by the Ti 500. In the end, take a look at this ! Nostalgia is hitting hard 😉

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    Press DEL to enter SETUP. Och, ile ja się naoglądałem tego POST screenu. Bardzo ładny sprzęt komputerowy oraz klarowna strona. Pozdrowienia z Anglii

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