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Final strike !

When you`re planing to buy a high performance PC you always have many options to choose from. All in all it`s always the budget that determines the boundaries of the build. There are owners that are this lucky that they can put the budget aspect aside, and because of them hardware manufactures like Asus create special high performance product lines. That is how the Asus Republic of Gamer range was created.

In fact, first high-end RoG board was an AMD platform – The Crosshair which is a brand present to this day. Since we focus on Intel and Nvidia products on this side, I like to introduce to you this nForce 680i SLI board. It was launched in the same year as the original Crosshair board and it`s called the Asus Striker Extreme.

As you can see i was lucky enough to get my hands on the full box specimen. Overall condition is satisfying, and the Accessory Box is also complete. It is nice to collect parts that are silent witnesses of the high performance gaming gear birth and/or evolution. Above you can see the early RoG logo which was changed to the one we know today after 2 years of existence.

Cooper cooling all over the board leaves no doubts, this is serious equipment. It also comes with additional sound card and array microphone (never used in my case).

Unfortunately nForce chipset family only lasted one more generation and was forever dropped by Nvidia. Fortunately for me I have all of the Strikers in full box condition. Acquiring the Striker II Extreme was mentioned here.

Asus developed alongside the Crosshair and Striker family the Intel equivalent of the RoG boards. Asus Maximus (lower tier) and Asus Rampage (higher tier) product families are available up to this day and determine what high end is when it comes to computer parts. Luckily for me, there are a lot of models available to collect and I will try to start with the Rampage series 🙂 Keep your fingers crossed !

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