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Evil Twin

What can you do, when you use on a daily basis one of the most advanced and powerful GPU available on the market but still have a constant feeling that something is missing ? Yes, you can upgrade to not one of the most, but THE most powerful GPU. But despite the price tag (due to expensive Tensor cores), Titan V has several other drawbacks like lack of SLI and custom cooling solutions. So what can you do to receive similar or even better efficiency and leave no doubt what is the performance rating of your machine ? Answer is simple, install second GTX 1080 Ti in its top specification 😀

There are many threads on numerous forums that either praise or criticize SLI for it`s cost/performance ratio, power consumption and game support. For me, this is the ultimate upgrade you can ever treat yourself with. Asking whether it`s worthwhile is very similar to asking how much does Rolls Royce cost. If you do so, it`s definitely not for you. There is a dark side, of course. You can forget about fully silent operation, middle card is always on active cooling due to tight fit. Heat emission is noticeably higher and so is power consumption (+150W in my case).  As everyone knows, performance upgrade is not 100%. To be honest from my brief observations level is somewhere around 30%-60%. But if you know all these facts and still decide to go full enthusiast way of thinking you simply do not have a better option 🙂 Want to make 4K resolution your territory ? There you go ! And most importantly, hell it looks sooooo damn good !!! 😀

This post is only a sneak peek of upcoming 5th Aorus Power Build upgrade which you can discover here. As you can see, I don`t even have CableMod sleeved cables for my second Ti. When I gather all the required parts, I will post a full story about 5th and PROBABLY last upgrade of my main PC 😉 Yesterdays night session was a blast, I`m still working on resolving some minor issues but it was definitely a good step in my case.

Here are some benchmarks made out of the box, I now that those two eagles can do much better 😉

3DMark Time Spy

3DMark Fire Strike (graphics score over 50000 points !!!)

3DMark Fire Strike Ultra

And as a finishing touch, summary of my HWMonitor and some of the Unigine Superposition screens.

And my personal favorite 🙂

If you still don`t know what is the purpose of the SLI setups, here you go – average 57 FPS in 7680 X 4320 resolution. Nothing to add on my side.

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