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Family reunion

What can I say, this year started perfectly. Santa was a little bit late – but still – it was worth waiting for. Welcome home NV16 🙂 What you can see here, is fully refurbished GeForce 2 Ultra 64MB + TV out. You can`t even imagine the time and effort I had to sacrifice to […]

Titanium strength

After completing the GeForce 3 lineup I naturally started to search for the successors. As we all know GeForce 4 family received Ti nomenclature after the very successful GeForce 2 Ti card. But this time Ti trade mark was present in all consumer desktop PC cards. Best and top-of-the line card for year 2002 was […]

Single PCB SLI is always welcomed

That was a quick deal, most of my basic principals for collecting were met. Asus product, good shape, rare and high-end level piece of equipment. That is why my collection was extended by a powerful NVIDIA`s GPU, the ENGTX590/3DIS/3GD5. It is a dual GF110 graphics card from Fermi architecture and highest model of the GTX […]

Recent Posts

Benchmark Saturday

I was able to get my hands on some new gpus, there are few quite interesting items such as GTX 295 and a (finally!) GeForce 8800 Ultra. The main goal was to complete the Tesla Architecture family and I almost did it. Starting to work on an article about this fundamental breakthrough in Nvidia cards. […]

Stars of the Intels sixth-generation

I`ve “theoretically” completed collecting Pentium III processors 🙂 Big gap in my collection was the Slot1 superstar with 512kb of L2 cache and 133 MHz FSB from Katmai family. Intel Pentium III 600B came to me directly from United States, and completed my must-have list. I already have the Pentium III 600 with 100 MHz […]

Aorus Power Build 2017

My greatest creation so far. Enjoy this epic story about one of the most performance orientated PC parts configuration available to buy in year 2017.