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4th upgrade

4th upgrade included a lot of visual improvements to the whole build. After a long shipping from overseas I`ve received a CableMod package with elements in Black/White which included cables, combes and a memory modding kit. I`ve also – finally – bought an RGB fan which will be compatible with RGB Fusion App and made custom RGB lightning strips for the sides. It also included first attempt of lowering the Cpu temperatures by applying liquid metal as a thermal compound. I`ve also replaced all SATA cabels for white and brand new to be more black&white theme adequate. Please take a look at the parts and a final effect. First of all the CableMod stuff.


CableMod package


Memory modding kit


CableMod, Deloc cabels and Thermal Grizzly Conductonaut


Issue with finding the right fan was that all popular products required separate hub to control the lightning. One day I`ve came across this Akasa Vegas X7 which can be controlled straight from the motherboard header.


Akasa Vegas X7


Akasa Vegas X7 installed


Aorus Gaming 7 motherboard has one RGBW header of maximum 2W of power supply. Fortunately it was enough to control two custom RGBW strips and a Vexas X7 fan.


Custom RGBW strip


RGBW strip installed


Next step was to mod the memory. At that time Corsair Vengeance RGB and G.Skill Tridend Z RGB were not available. Modding the original Corsair Dominator Platinum was the only option to receive changeable, custom color and high performance at once. I`ve chosen orange as my theme color, because it`s the official Aorus tint.


Modded memory


It was my first encounter with the liquid metal as a thermal compound, but it was easier than it looked at the beginning. Temperatures dropped by 3 degrees instantly.


Thermal Grizzly Conductonaut before application


Thermal Grizzly Conductonaut after application


And now some photos of the finished work.


New cables 1


New cables 2


Aorus Orange 🙂


New lightning modes 1


New lightning modes 2

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