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478 pins revolution

Period starting from 2001 and lasting through two following years brought Pentium 4 lineup up to speed. Very cold welcomed s423 platform finally received a substitute. The one who shifted to the second gear, and finally caught some grip in the performance race for the Pentium 4 was socket 478. Along with the new socket came new memory controllers bringing new memory speeds. All of them were deployed on some fine-crafted motherboards 😉 And of course new main players – CPU`s themselves – became available. But let us focus on a baseline for all high performance computers – the motherboards.

This specific period brought us three major chip families into the consumer segment. There were some new members to Brookdale family but also two brand new ones – Springdale and Canterwood (only child). Brookdale-PE seems to be the top version of an original chip which was introduced with the s423 socket and the first Pentium 4 in person. It is the Intel 82845PE chip with 533 MT/s rated FSB and single channel DDR-333 support. It also happens to be the top tier chip for the year 2002, if you know what i mean 😉

I am specially happy with this Asus P4PE board because it is the full option with integrated LAN and RAID chips. No empty spots on the PCB which we don`t like here 😀 Next year brings us a lot of improvements such as 800 MT/s FSB, dual channel DDR-400 and some powerful hyper-threaded (for the first time in the consumer segment !) monsters from Pentium 4 family. All that thanks to the courtesy of Intel 82875P Canterwood memory controller.

Board that I got to acquire this piece of electronics was (of course) Asus P4C800. Unfortunately the board is missing the RAID and IEEE 1394 chips but still is in a great condition and was a bargain 😉

So it`s official, the 478 pins revolution began in proretropc.com home 😉

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