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1st upgrade

1st upgrade isn`t really that much of a technical upgrade. Over a month after initial purchase, Aorus Gpus became available to buy on polish market. So I decided to change my graphics processing unit for a matching line with my motherboard. I`ve chosen the highest model – the Extreme Edition. Besides that clocks are basically the same, Aorus is equipped with beautiful RGB backplate and a special cooper base plate underneath the GP104. As all tests with a thermal camera that can found on the internet shows, it does absolutely nothing to gpu temperature, but still it look simply amazing 🙂


Aorus GTX 1080 EE Front view


Aorus GTX 1080 EE Back view


Aorus GTX 1080 EE Top view


On the plus side, stability in 3dmark stress test increased. Also this RGB backplate is perfectly exposed in a bench table like HAF XB.


Aorus RGB backplate

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